ALL THE WAYS TO MAKE STEEL ROD - Step by Step - Islands Roblox (2023)


in this video I will show you all the ways to craft steel roods. There are 4 diferent ways, depending of how PRO are you in the game islands - Roblox

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Hey, guys, what's up.

Welcome back to the anti-stress.

Welcome back to islands.

My name is matt and let's dive in today's.

Video, today's video is how to make steel rods.

There are four different ways, and I will show you all of them.

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So in case, you're a new player.

The the first way how you make steel rods is just with a steel mill and you'll have to manually put iron inside like I'm doing right now.

So you put some iron you put some coal and you'll have to wait one by one for them to come out.

This is the first way I know at the beginning, it's kind of tedious.

It takes a while to get, you know, 25 still ingots until your first steel rod.

But this is what you have to do I'm.


We all went through this.

And this is how it goes.

So have some patience and go ahead.

And if you're a beginner, go ahead and just make one by one until you have 25 for your first steel rod.

And this is how you go.


So this is the first way how to get your steel rods, actually how you get first your steel ingots.

Then when you have 25 of those, you go to your anvil, let me just go to my anvil there there.

It is and you when you have 25, you make your you craft your steel rod.

So this is way number one after you have one at least steel road, just collect what I need to collect before.

I, um before I continue with the video.

So I don't have to come back.

Let me just put here a chest.

Uh, I already made few videos how to make zero, but I always have the same questions.

So I wanted to make sure that you get it right? Even if you're a beginner, if you are maybe a little bit advanced, or if you're a pro I'll show you all the ways how to make the steroids.

So if your beginner is just going to be the still meal and you have to do it manually, you have to be.

I don't know, 24 7 on your steel mill, just filling it up with your ironing coal and waiting and waiting until you get 25 steel ingots and then you'll get in your anvil, one steel rod.

And with the first two rod, you get, I would advise you to buy, um industrial chests, not even a conveyor belt.

Go ahead and make an industrial chest.

This is the second way it's a little bit faster.

You don't have to be there all the time.

So the second way just get your industrial chest, put it on your steel mill.

Uh, come on.

Okay, there you go.

Then you open it.

And you put direction out you put some iron, and you put some coal.

So it's gonna be kind of you know automatically, but you have to come back often, but not so often, as you have to do be sure to put enough coal, because it takes a lot of coal.

And then you put some coal, and then you put some iron and yeah, this was my suggestion with your first steel rod that you get is to do this and just be sure to pick them up, or if you have another steroid, just put another chest on the other side, let me just do it.

Real quick, there's, a there's, a friend of mine here.

But um, I was asking just to give me a sec to finish the video.

So this is the second way how you make your steel rod first with the best way to make steel ingots.

Then after you get 25 of those, you will get your steel rod.

Okay, second way done.

This will be a little bit faster for you to get the steel ingots.

And the same way after you get enough of those, you just go back to your anvil, and you get another steel rod.

So two out of four.

So the third way is a little bit more advanced.

You already have few conveyor belts.

You already have some totems.

You have a industry industrial smelter.

So you must do it the following way, let me get my conveyor belts.

Let me get my industrial smelter and where it is where it is there.

It is industrial smelter and um, I will still have to put out some some uh, totems so steel mill industrial conveyor belt.

Then it goes the industrial smelter and then another conveyor belt.

So this is a little bit even more advanced.

I was I put it the wrong way I was using this for a really long time.

It does help.

I think I'm still using those by the way it still does help.

But this I think is the best way to make your steel ingots fast, come on.

What am I doing here? There you go.


And then you just need to go and buy some totems.

I think it's three or four thousand each I'll, put, uh, one, no, I don't.

I called totems, uh, what's going on, uh, plain coal.

Now, I'll put one coal and two iron two iron and one coal, totem, there you go, uh there.

It is okay.

So now, the iron ores are gonna fall on the conveyor.

And then after the smelt, we must put another coal, talk and be sure to do that to power your steel mill.

So the coal and the iron ores are gonna fall on the conveyor belt as you can see and it's gonna go in the smelter.

The smelter is gonna convert it in the iron and then the rest it goes like as usually.

So you don't have to come here anymore.

You can just go around and play.

This is gonna autoform itself at the end.

You will still have to go to your chest, collect your steel, ingots and go and buy your steel rods.

So yeah, just be sure to put it the correct way.

This is a little bit more than.

So you can see your iron is coming to the steel mill.

The cold totem is powering the steel mill.

And then you get here 44.


And again, you have to go back to your anvil and pick up your steel rod, make your steel rod.

And the last way is the most advanced one, you need a steel press, still still press.

Okay, this is the way that you don't need to do.

Nothing you'll be getting your steel rods automatically.

But this is the most advanced way you if you are, if you are just beginner, don't worry, it will take you a while to get this.

So just put the steel press, then you put a chest.

Let me just put the chest outside there.

You go and that's your chest.

And let me just put it here.

Real quick.

There you go.

And in the still press, you must put the mold rod factory mold.

And there it's gonna automatically auto farm completely out of farm without you doing nothing about it.

You will get your skill rod out performed so guys, I hope that this video answered all your questions about the steel, ingots and steel rods.

I have been getting a lot of questions about that just try to put some of those there to show you how it works.

Come on I'm.

Just gonna be dropping them.

I think you need 25 it's.

The same amount come on.

Nope, not yet there you go once they rolled out and that's how it works so guys, I hope this video helped you with all your questions and in case, you have any more questions just ask down in the question area below okay, guys, that's all for me for today.

I'll see you tomorrow in another video and save and enjoy your three days still before school or job works continue again.



See you tomorrow ciao.



ALL THE WAYS TO MAKE STEEL ROD - Step by Step - Islands Roblox? ›

It takes approximately 20 seconds to completely transform an iron ingot into a steel ingot. The input conveyor must be receiving coal or petrified petroleum as fuel and iron ingots to turn into steel ingots.

How long does it take to make steel in islands? ›

It takes approximately 20 seconds to completely transform an iron ingot into a steel ingot. The input conveyor must be receiving coal or petrified petroleum as fuel and iron ingots to turn into steel ingots.

Where do you craft steel rods? ›

Steel rods can be bulk crafted in an anvil.

Can you make steel ingots? ›

Steel Ingots are produced by the Blast Furnace from one Iron Ingot and either two Coal Coke or four Charcoal.

What is steel used for in islands? ›

Steel ingots can now be used to craft pipe junctions, petroleum tanks, and oil tanks. Steel ingots can now be used to craft teleporter pads and orb stands. Steel ingots can now be obtained through blast furnaces. 20 steel ingots are now required to craft steel rods, down from 25.

How do you make steel from scratch? ›

To make steel, the iron needs to be separated from the oxygen and a tiny amount of carbon needs to be added. Both are accomplished by melting the iron ore at a very high temperature (1,700 degrees Celsius or over 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit) in the presence of oxygen (from the air) and a type of coal called coke.

Can you buy iron in islands? ›

Iron totems can be purchased from Arius at the Hub for 4,000 coins after reaching level 18 in the Mining skill. An iron totem will spawn iron rocks around it when placed, or if placed next to a conveyor belt, the totem will drop iron ore directly onto the conveyor.

What island do you get iron? ›

Iron Island is an optional area of Sinnoh that can be accessed only from the ship at Canalave City.

What does steel press do in Roblox Islands? ›

A steel press is an industrial item transformer used to turn steel ingots into steel bolts, plates, or rods with factory molds.

How do you get Rod Factory mold in Island? ›

The rod factory mold can be crafted with 2500 steel ingots in an anvil.

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