Can You Put A Crockpot On The Stove? When Yes And When No? (2023)

To simply answer this question, both yes and no is applicable! Sometimes it’s okay to put a crockpot on the stove and sometimes it’s not. How? To know the further details let’s finish the entire article! The crockpot is a slow cooker that operates with an electrical power source. You can slow cook with a crockpot at a lower temperature. Boiling, frying, and baking are the cooking done in a crockpot.

Like a rice cooker, a crockpot has the same structure. One outer part and then the inner pot where you cook. Now, if your question is if you can put your crockpot on the stove, then you have to clarify which part. The outer section or the inner part? If it is the outer section then you can not put it on the stove. Because the material used for building the outer section is not heat resistant so it could melt or burn.

However, the inner bowl can be used on a stove. Most brands of crockpots use porcelain or ceramic as the material for the inner bowl. So, most of the time you can use the inner bowl on the stove. Even though, it’s still not 100% sure to say if your crockpot bowl can be used on the stove for the different materials used by different manufacturers.

Read your manual very carefully and consult with the local shop to ensure you can use it on the stove.

Some food like meat and vegetables need to sear from the outside to be extra delicious. For those dishes, if you use the inner bowl of the crockpot on the stove, you can quickly make fantastic dishes just by searing it a little on the stove.

Finally, using the inner pot of a crockpot can make your dishes more delicious, but before using it on the stove, it is better to make sure it’s safe. No matter what type of food you’re cooking in it. Plus, DON’T use the outer part of the crockpot on the stove.

Cooking with a Crockpot on the Stove: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Here comes the simplest and easiest way to cook in a crockpot-

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

Prepare all of your necessary ingredients. Chop the vegetables and meat, if needed, thaw the meat.

Step 2: Put The Ingredients In The Pot

Now put the vegetables at the bottom of the pot as they take much time to cook. The meat part can be layered on top of the vegetable part.

Step 3: Close The Lid

Now, close the lid. Secure the lid with a lock if your crockpot has a lid lock.

Step 4: Set The Temperature

Now, plug the crockpot into any power source and set the temperature to low/high. If you want to cook it for a long time, then set it to low and for less time, go for high. High setting cooks food faster, half time in slow cooking.

Step 5: And We Wait!

Once your food is done, it’ll automatically go into the “keep warm” option and you’ll be done!

Can You Put A Crockpot On An Electric Stove?

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Yes, you can. Here is also a BUT! By crockpot, if you mean the inner part of the crockpot, then it’s fine. But, if it’s the outer chamber, then NO! You can only put the inner bowl of the crockpot on an electric stove. However, first, make sure that your inner bowl is compatible with the electric stove.

Be careful about some factors while putting the crockpot on an electric stove. First, make sure that the stove is the same size or bigger than the size of the inner pot. Then, start cooking with very low heating, better if you preheat the bowl before cooking. Lastly, check quite often that if your bowl is alright, everything is evenly cooking and if the food is overcooked.

Can You Use a Stoneware Crockpot On a Stove Top?

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Yes, a stoneware slow cooker with stovetop safe insert can be done. Stoneware is a clay-type material that is fired at a high temperature to give a proper shape. Stoneware is completely natural and safe for heat. Stoneware is made to withstand high temperatures, so it’s safe for both the oven and stovetop. The ideal temperature for stoneware is 300-450°F.

For the high absorbency of heat, food gets cooked evenly and stays warm for a very long period. However, temperatures over 450°F can harm stoneware like breakage or crack on it. However, before you put your stoneware inner pot on the oven or stove, be careful to read the manual very carefully.

A notable mention is, to avoid rapid temperature changes in the oven while using stoneware inner pot. Plus, always remember that DO NOT PREHEAT the empty stoneware pot inside the oven, because it’ll break or crack. But not all stonewares are microwave safe, so be careful about it.

Does Crockpot Use A Lot Of Electricity?

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No, crockpots are extremely energy efficient. Not only is y energy efficient, compared to other appliances, but crockpots are also cost-effective too. Modern crockpots consume 0.7kWh over 8 hours of cooking which is less than most electric appliances like an oven, pressure cookers or electric stovetops.

What is surprising is, a crockpot doesn’t use more electricity over 8 hours than a light bulb. So, if you want to save your electricity bill, then go for a crockpot cooking option. In crockpots, only 70-150 watts on low and 150-200 watts on high temperatures.

So, that’s how convenient and effective a crockpot is to use. However, it depends on the varieties and sizes of crockpots. But, this was an average calculation.

However, always stay conscious while purchasing a crockpot. A wrong product might be a curse to your electricity bill. An energy-savable crockpot suggestion is here for you.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

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Can I put the outer part of a crockpot on a stove?

No, the outer part of a crockpot is made of plastic and is not heat-proof. It may melt or explode with high heat, so it’s not safe to put it on a stove.

Can I put the inner bowl of a crockpot on a stove?

Yes, in most cases, the inner bowl of a crockpot can be used on a stove. However, it’s best to check your manual and consult with the local shop to make sure it’s safe to do so.

Can I put a crockpot on an electric stove?

Yes, but only the inner bowl of the crockpot can be put on an electric stove. Make sure the stove is the same size or bigger than the inner bowl and start cooking with low heat.

Can I use a ceramic crockpot in an oven?

Yes, the inner pot made of ceramic is safe for oven use up to 400°F. The glass lid and the outer part of the crockpot are not safe for the oven or microwave.

Can I use a stoneware crockpot on a stovetop?

Yes, a stoneware crockpot with stovetop safe insert can be used on a stovetop. Stoneware is safe for high temperatures and can absorb heat evenly. However, it’s important to read the manual and be careful not to exceed 450°F.

Cooking Tips

  • You can sear the meat a bit before putting it into the crockpot, then it’ll cook faster and you’ll get a crispy texture.
  • Don’t overcrowd the crockpot with ingredients, fill it 2/3 part of the pot.


That’s all for cooking in the crockpot. We hope the article on can you put a crockpot on the stove helped you a bit to clear up all of your confusion and queries. Again reminder is, you can put the inner part of a crockpot in an oven, stove, or electric stove. Don’t use the outer chamber or lid in the oven or stovetop. Best of luck with your cooking. Thank you!

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