Fuel Line QUICK CONNECT O rings Leaking quick connect repair (2023)


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Easy! Bad O rings? Pick em out careful pick in new ones. Its a challenge but try it 10x and its easy.


So a couple days ago, I said, I had a little minor fuel leak right check out this, inner Oh ring, slightly damaged.

Outer one was not too bad.

I saw some all Rings I, put him in I, picked those ones out didn't, even think I was gonna be able to do it, but I actually bought a connector I, picked the Rings out for a test and I, put them back in so let's, see if I could do it or not and yeah, those are new o-rings, hopefully they're not twisted.

Hey, kids I got to take this lock tab out first.

It just picks right out don't damage it and then can reuse it.

But that should be good I'm, just gonna drop some oil down there I never do it.

But you should before you put these on put a little bit of motor oil on these things I think the smaller ones working smaller ones, more tricky anyway, because it's a smaller diameter to pick it, but you can still get it out.

It's just slightly smaller, hopefully I didn't twist, these o-rings done, you know, if they're, if they got a twist on them with that affected I, don't know, I'm going around one more time, though just make sure they're seated, but I actually freaking did it I thought it wasn't going to be able to like all those o-rings should really be changed on these cars.

They got two quick connects over here.

I know, then the throttle body has a threaded deal kind of like if anyone has a Chevy truck like the fuel filter, you get those two little overhangs on it I change, the ones that the fuel filter.

But the ones at the throttle body.

I, remember, I think one was kind of a years ago.

I did change one, but I didn't have the other one I should really do that on this car and the white truck.

Yeah, trick is not the bug room up in the first place, but it could happen.

So instead of changing a whole connector.

What you can do is this nylon, you get to a special little tool.

I don't have it.

But some people say you can heat it up heat up, you know, cut it back and then it's, heated up and then force that on I, don't know, I never did that we're just going around one more time, that's, amazing, hopefully I, won't leak, though I, haven't tested it yet.

But all the people who doubted me I think sometimes this in life society, threw me away, I'm, no, good, whatever the hell in my own family.

Sometimes does it, and they go through their and overcome these things and simple things like Oh rings, I think I'm gonna up.

But you can't say, there's, always in the back of your mind you're gonna mess up, but never think that each time you're going to be a mess up, but I I think I just had that attitude because I struggled so much in my life time.

Since a little kid, everything has been slow.

Slow, slow, slow still is I'm still slow.

Some people have families and houses and stuff I'll probably never have that and I'm third over 30 years old, uh, yeah.

And no, uh, no people.

And no people deal with that's.

A good thing, maybe I, don't know, good thing.

Bad thing helps I have a note drop your screwdriver down here, cuz, that's a tough place to get no just fell down.

No, we got Oh.

What is poking me? Alligator sit tight, all right? Let's.

Go try that? Okay, it works should pick out the other ones to it.

I don't think that one was leaking, and it might be.

And these o-rings are not terrible.

This T.

This was the problem that never happened over.


I got caught up going.

Yeah, yeah, me like this gonna to get back in apparently since how these were made right? You have a plastic ring sometimes there's black on a newer ones you see that around here, then you have the first or ring, then there's, a plastic spacer and then there's the brown o-ring.

So apparently it's, probably some way you can yank that plastic piece out right there and that's how it was originally installed from the factory.

And then the last thing to go in was this this clip so that's how they built them that would be a nice kit for someone to make like you dissect that you make those little plastic parts, and that could probably help someone in both sizes instead of changing the whole thing.

So I million-dollar idea, right? There, maybe Allah I even know how to do it.

But there you go like are some cars.

They have little Clips actually that go between these connectors, if I could safety.

We got that back in there I did dry test it too well without that, uh, without this thing in.

And it seemed to hold hopefully that I could have, you know when I yanked it out I could have got a little less tension, I, don't know, if we're gonna f with the other one, but I knew that one was the weaker I, don't know, should attack the other one now I know how it works.

Yeah, worst comes to worst.

You f, up.

You just got to put a new connector on it and I want a fuel line.

It's, actually a good thing to challenge.

The learner look at these ones all rusted is from the freaking road salt.

Man, you got those on your fuel filter on this car, it's, just a getaway.

And you get two over there.

So it's, one, two, three, four, then you got one two, three, four on the fuel filter.

This car has one two three, four, one, two, three, four, then the fuel filter.

One, two, three, four, one, two, three, four and depend on a frickin fuel pump coming off on a fuel fuel sender as to whom this car has plastic ones I think where they were threaded I think another that's there, a plastic on here in plastic squeezies.

This one had the middle kind.

So yeah, there's a lot of them or did this one have freaking clamps ins to I, don't know, I, went ahead, clamps and stuff on this.

One I gotta drop the tank on this car.

Anyway, I don't, like the way that fuel pump sounds probably is gonna try to find an NOS one old 1990s, one and throw it in.

But it has a full tank of gas.

So I'll probably be able to run the tank out at the fuel pump dying.


But alright, let's go put oil on this.

And then she begin now I gotta go to nap on size up more anymore, over X.

And these are just out of and the o-rings out humans are out of another connector.

So that one's still good, though you need to listing that be Viton and yeah, it's possible and it's, not no information on the internet.

When this happens very very little, right, we're gonna get oil motor oil? Right? There let's.

Go get some.

Yeah, new master mechanic master don't.

Let anyone tell you, you know, it's.

Another thing to a lot of the jobs I do like sealing like that.

No one ever do it in the shop loans.

You bought it.

And we gotta fix the AC leak on that and reboot the axle and it's getting cooler out sub.

Maybe I could do something there's my crack pipe from the Bronx generator.

Yeah, we need this cool out.

Finally and get something done, hey, well, swap out my window on the other side that bozo got a spark.

We all try to change that seal, and we try to fix a little something on the boson wheel and go over all the breaks and stuff cleaning ready.

Drums next couple days.

White truck is decent I like this one out over Kamath, though, these are very good to have if I find the o-ring size I'll, make another video or a link.

It then I go to Napa, put too much oil in there because I'm either gonna bite you in your ass.

And you have one of these cars you really shouldn't have spare o-rings and definitely oil.

It off.


Never freakin do this.

When I should really do this I'm gonna do this from now on freaking the manuals from back in the day says that put oil what oil on the thing that fits in so tight now, it's a nice Wow, right thing off she'll check.

It will say it doesn't blow off I'm.

Happy, I had anxiety over that I swear, what the car was never gonna work and daughter was gonna be in here fighting with nylon fuel lines.

And but then my friend told me man, if you can't pick out two o-rings and put them back in like just quit, he was right.

He was right my computer friend one day, either I'll move or they'll show up to my location and um or they'll.

Come here and I'll.

Go fix some on their car that AC doesn't work.

Yeah, they don't need it though the living of frozen tundra seriously, the freaking frozen Sun, you're.

Another country.

The worst thing is when you go gets that that smell that's tight as a bastard get a leak there, though let's go crank.

It see if he's got a pisser now, Oh, God, that's, good smell test that's, awesome, all right, we're.

Good to make a shield underneath that.

Hey, see where everything works yet leakin injectors.

Some people say these Bosch, threes are gonna give me troubles, I, don't know, I'ma have to do some tuning I'll figure it out though figured out rings I have a high confidence level.

Yeah, check those out doing a quick connects.

And again, I'll go to Napa.

Try to see if they have any vitals and I will link a dick they're like a 12 or 11 or something there's a sighs point, twenty twelve or point, eleven, that's, friggin, awesome.

If you have high confidence, yeah, I don't think the other one was leaking I know that one was and well we have to take this apart.

Anyway, when I take those two rails out and swap those injectors and some people say those multi Tech's might come back to life if I clean them I was thinking about making a DIY sonic cleaning bath.

And all you need is the connectors, and you need some kind of device.

So it keeps on pulsing them.

It's kind of like musty.

One has one the sonic cleaner.

You put see carburetors in there and that's pretty much how to clean them.

And then with that, they just have the the float bench test, which you can kind of make yourself.

You can't make one of those with the old fuel pump or something.

And you can even use like a LT.

You want fuel rail and just stuff them up, put dummy injectors in there.


Sorry, anything to do with some port injection I should really my mad scientist thinking cap on which not too many people have left in this world and figure it out and just make it happen.

But diamonds gonna get ninety degrees out again, I'm gonna say this that everything then I don't think anymore, I was much better thinker and then y'all cold weather.

Man, I came up with some freakin.

Insane man, who knows he just puts my thinking level to zero that's, awesome, it's, not leaking.

Alright, don't like the video talking I, didn't, even show you how to pick them out nothing.

But I'll get the junkyard.


I'll, cut one off soon cuz, cool out and I gotta go to the scrap metal yard and you're like in the back of my truck.

And she has done on both sides and I'll cut one off the the fuel filter and I'll show you the plastic one very similar it's, almost easier to plastic one than me, a steel, connector.

So circle, low.

The trick is though if I didn't already say, I, actually have a damaged.

Pick is this it? No you see like the end on it, it was straight, but it's like got damaged.

That was a trick.

This is like a really really cheap pick.

But you see how that little just a little bit he's curves that's.

What either you go around that o-ring in a circular motion? And then you can just work it out with that key, though, if you don't have a little time you bend on it, you're Sol, what I found was a pic that was straight and I have I gotta get better pics.

Anyway, gonna get snap off once that's, awesome, yeah, I'm.



My other nightmare, their English, dude that went down.

Oh, he took my Halle.

Take this apart for it at least I'm, trying to use a pipe wrench on that for it that's.

When we restored I, don't know, what he's doing I think we get cracks.

You see over here.

Maybe a little bit around here.

I was gonna put epoxy over here over here.

Oh there look at all so up over here that could be a leak point right? There could be getting behind it.

This one over here, I put dye on that, and it was kind of like sucking it over here.

That's one.

It was filled up to here.

And maybe it was dropping.

It was almost under the light.

None of these freakin drains are up that every just leave it like this cuz concrete and then fill it up a junk car parts.

I can throw my horn up here and underground bunker over here.

This build a little wooden thing over it and have an underground bunker like that would be awesome of this train this years ago.

And then we know when you haven't used it just a pump with a last set outside.

And that broke I don't know why this is still going down, though I'm gonna hope these drains aren't Lincoln's, their seals around here.

I have no idea.

You got I was just.


What is the best sealant for fuel fittings? ›

Permatex's Thread Sealant outperforms traditional tapes and pipe dopes, it seals and resists pressure in air, oil, diesel fuel and hydraulic systems. Thread Sealant remains pliable at higher and lower temperatures.

Why is my brass quick connect leaking? ›

What makes a quick-connect fitting leak? The most common reason for leaking is that the plug did not get pushed in all the way, and the O-ring does not seal correctly. Please have a check. You can add MORE an O-ring washer in the nozzle to seal the water.

Will Flex seal fix a fuel line? ›

A: No. We do not recommend using Flex Tape on a gas or oil tank.

Will JB Weld fix a gas line leak? ›

Because the epoxy is clay-like consistency, fuel (or other liquids) can't seep through it or around it. Once cured, the epoxy can withstand 300-degrees and 900 psi of pressure, so it will be perfect for your leaky gas tank.

What sealant can withstand gasoline? ›

Polyurethane has exceptional resistance to petrol, oils, kerosene and other petroleum-based chemicals. Hylomar Universal Blue is a high-performance gasket compound: it resists petrol and a wide range of fluids, and it also provides a wide operating temperature range.

Can silicone be used on fuel lines? ›

Can you use silicone hoses for fuel or oil? No, we don't recommend it. For best results, we recommend that you stick with other materials than silicone for any applications that will allow fuel or oil to come into contact with the hose.

Do an fuel fittings need sealant? ›

Thread sealant ONLY gets used on NPT fittings with tapered threads. AN fittings should not get sealant. It won't hurt, but it won't help in any way. Take a look at how the fitting seals with its mate.

Why are my quick connects leaking? ›

If the mouth of the tubing is jagged or uneven, it will not create a watertight seal and leaks will spring as water flows through the fitting. If the tubing is cut at too much of an angle, it can cut into the O-ring and make a tight seal impossible.

Will a brass fitting stop leaking? ›

Many people recommend using a combination of Teflon tape and a silicone-based joint compound on threaded brass fittings to ensure the joint is completely leak free.

How do I stop my pipe from leaking at the connection? ›

How to stop a leaking water pipe
  1. Plumber's Putty. For pinhole leaks or slightly larger, or if you have a leak at a fitting joint, plumbers putty is the simplest way to plug it and is widely available both online and in-store at DIY and home improvement stores. ...
  2. Pipe repair clamp. ...
  3. Pipe repair spray. ...
  4. Pipe repair rubber tape.

Why is my quick connect air line leaking? ›

The majority of leaking quick-connect fitting leaks are caused by a damaged O-ring, improper installation, eroded tubing, or too much torque placed on the tubing.

What causes quick release valve to leak? ›

Pressure relief and safety relief valves will leak if the valve isn't fully closed. This is a common problem in industrial settings where environments are often dusty or dirty. If there is any debris in the valve, it can obstruct the valve from fully closing, causing it to leak.

Will JB Weld fix a water leak? ›

fix your leak. with j-b weldStar

Cut or break off desired amount of WaterWeld, replacing unused portion back into tube for future use. Knead WaterWeld with your fingers until it becomes a uniform color, and apply along the line of the crack. You can also use WaterWeld to plug any larger holes.

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