Jungle Jack Commercial Lawn Mower Jack (2023)


Jungle Jack Commercial Lawn Mower Jack

In this video I unbox and check out the Jungle Jack commercial lawn mower jack. The Jungle Jack is a lawn mower jack lift specifically designed for lifting commercial zero turn lawn mowers and stand on lawn mowers. The Jungle Jack mower lift can lift up to 800 pounds, and features a foot assist lever to help assist in lifting heavy commercial lawn mowers, as well as a safety foot to prevent mowers from falling once lifted in the air by the mower jack. The Jungle Jack is made by Jungle Jim's Accessory Products in Louisville Kentucky.

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Halon carnation, this video, we're going to take a first look and try out the jungle jack from Jungle Jim's, accessory products, coming up any long hair, nation, jungle gyms.

Accessory products sent me out this jungle Jack for me to check out use and review in my lawn care business to share my feedback with you guys here in lawn care nation.

Now, I first saw this jungle jack in person at the gie Expo 2019.

When I was touring the jungle gyms, accessory booth, I'll leave a link to that video if you're interested in watching it at the end of this video.

Now, when I first saw this unit at gie, Expo, 2019 I was immediately impressed with it.

Not only with the simplicity in its design, having no real moving parts or no potential failure points like hydraulics.

You know, in this particular design, but also with the ease of use.

And just how little effort was required to seemingly raise up a large heavy zero, turn mower.

So let's, unbox, it and see what's included inside.


So inside it looks like we've got a few parts to assemble let's.

Take a look.

So it looks like a few wheels, some handles the hook and some hardware.

Ok? So as you can see, I've got all of the parts out of the the packaging laid out and I'm, just gonna take a moment and put it all together.

So stay tuned.

So there you have it I got it all together overall.

It was pretty straightforward.

Took about 30 minutes, total there abouts to lay out all the parts, get organized I, get the ratchet and wrench that I needed look at the instructions.

And you know, get it all put together, but really easy really straightforward.

If you're looking for a detailed assembly video on this particular unit, jungle gyms, accessory products has a great step-by-step video on their YouTube channel, I'll, leave that video linked here in the card above.

So now that we got it together, let's have a look at some of the features.

So you can see it's a pretty straightforward design here.

You know, very very simple, no hydraulics on it, which I really liked it actually uses leverage to lift up your mowers.

So very compact in, you know, terms of how skinny it is easy to store away.

You can even you know carry this with you in a trailer quite easily.

So once you have this positioned under your more, you've got the hook here, that's going to go under the deck or larger mowers.

You have this foot assist here with this pin, you just pull the pin out, and you can drop this foot assist here.

So that when it's positioned underneath the more you can, in addition to holding the handles, you can put your foot here use your body weight to help swing the more up in position.

And then once you have the more up in its secured position, they've got a safety feature here to prevent the jack from being lifted up by anybody, or you know, the weight of the machine may be pulling the jack out of place.

So you can just pull this little safety pin out.

And then this safety foot drops in place, put your pin back in with the safety.

And now that foot is secured in place and that's going to prevent the jack from coming back up and swinging with the weight of the machine and keeps it nice safe and secure while you may be under the machine working okay.

So according to some of the specs on the Box, this unit can lift virtually any type of mission from any position, and it can hold up to 800 pounds on this hook and will lift a mower approximately 19 inches in the air.

So let's get this on the ground and give it a shot.


So let's give this a shot according to the instructions, we just take that hook there put it under the deck and then use our body weight and leverage to lift the mower up.

So the first step would be to release this pin out so that we can get our foot assist, ready to go.

Then we just slide the jack under the deck hooking, the deck, get it in a position drop that foot pedal down put our foot on.

It use our body weight.

And one fell swoop using leverage delivery more once we're in this position.

What you want to do is take that safety pin out and drop that safety foot, put the pin back in with your safety pin now that's gonna prevent the jack from coming back up or somebody accidentally knocking the jack while you're working under the machine, because you can see if I try to lift it now with that safety foot in place, that's about as high as I can bring the jack as far as how stable.

The mower is see I can shake it pretty good it's, not coming off of there tons of space underneath to change your mower blades, clean out your deck, whatever you need to do.

So now to lower the mower back down, it's, basically the reverse we have to remove that safety pin.

So we can put the safety foot back up and put the pin back in.

So it doesn't accidentally drop that safety foot back down for ending us from lowering the mower.

Now, the mower is ready to come back down I'm gonna slowly lift it and then I'm going to drop the safety foot get my foot on it and slowly bring it down slide the unit back out.

So there you go guys very simple to use as you can see and also really really secure once the more is up there with this particular mower it's got that floating deck with the four pins.

So there is movement in the deck once you lift it with the jack that deck is gonna, you know, kind of rise up through those pins once it gets to a spot where it can lift the more.

And the reverse is true.

When you're lowering the more as it comes down.

Now, you're gonna have a bit of play as that deck comes down as well with other units that have a single.

You know, point of height adjustment, you probably won't have as much play in the deck as you do with the the style of decks, but overall super simple to use, and it looks like a fantastic unit.

So there you have it lawn care nation, the jungle jack by jungle gyms, accessory products as you could see, it did a really great job.

Lifting my starter stand on more was super stable.

Once the moor was up in the air.

And with that safety foot down, there was no worry about the jacket collapsing or the moor coming back down on its own on that particular more weighing eight hundred pounds.

It was very very simple to lift up may require a little bit more effort.

You know, the bigger your mower gets, but using you know, leverage and your body weight, you know, very very simple.

You know, as you saw from even that clip from that large zero turn mower being lifted up at gie.

So a very very handy unit and I love that it's a very compact easy to store.

And you know, has no hydraulics or other moving parts that are, you know, prone to failure over the years.

So that's it for this one guys, if you liked this video, make sure you hit that like button, if you haven't subscribed yet consider subscribing leave a comment down below, and let me know what you think of this jungle Jack by jungle gyms, accessory products.

If you want to see the video I did at the jungle gyms, accessory booth at gie Expo, I'll, leave that video for you to watch up here in this corner or I'll, leave one of my other videos for you to watch up here in this corner.

So that's it for this one guys here's to wishing you guys all overwhelming success and freedom in your lawn care business bye for now.


What is a jungle jack used for? ›

Lift Any Mower From Any Angle

The Jungle Jack has a lifting capacity of 800 pounds. The large foot assist pedal on the Jungle Jack helps the operator lift the mower with the use of their legs, taking the pressure off the operator's back and arms.

What is a jungle jack? ›

A must-have for lawn mower maintenance, the Jungle Jack Mower Jack is designed to lift any size of home or commercial mower with ease. Made of steel box tubing, the jack has a lifting capacity of 800 lbs.

What are farm jacks good for? ›

Farm Jack is a durable, multi-purpose jack. Use this steel jack to lift, pull, clamp or spread a tractor or 4-wheel drive vehicle.

What do you use a farmers jack for? ›

These jacks are larger by far than any standard jack and are used to lift extremely heavy weights high off the ground. Farm jacks are best used on vehicles with big wheels and for raised or tall vehicles.

Should you lower the front or back of a mower? ›

Should the front of the mower run lower than the rear? Yes. The grass is cut on the front side of the mower and not at the rear. This leaves a better and more consistent cut and aides in better material distribution.

Should mower deck be higher in back? ›

For most effective results, a lawn mower deck should have a pitch, or height difference of 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch between the front of the deck to the back of the deck. Naturally, this makes the sweet spot about 1/4-inch of pitch, depending on the mower model.

Should a mower deck be lower in front or back? ›

For most effective results, a lawn mower deck should have a pitch of 1/8-inch to 1/2-inch between the height of the deck rear to the height of the deck front.

Do zero-turn mowers roll over? ›

Zero-turn mowers tend to have low centers of gravity. They are fairly stable, but their short wheelbases and narrow wheel spacings can contribute to overturns.

How do you keep a zero-turn mower straight? ›

Instead of a steering wheel, you use two lap bars. The best comparison to steering a zero-turn mower is steering a shopping cart. Pushing both levers forward at the same time will make you go forward in a straight line. Pulling both levers backward at the same time will make you go backward in a straight line.

What are the 3 types of jacks? ›

There are three main types of car jack: the trolley jack, bottle jack and scissor jack.

What is another name for a farm jack? ›

The farm jack also known as a railroad jack, high lift jack or kanga-jack was invented in 1905.

What is another name for farm jack? ›

Also referred to as high-lift jacks, farm jacks are easy to store in the back of a large vehicle or off-roading truck. They can be used to help you change tires, but they are designed to get a vehicle unstuck from heavy mud or rugged terrain.

How much weight will a farm jack lift? ›

Farm Jack, 7,000 lbs. Lift Capacity, 42 in. Travel
Brand:Reese Towpower
Warranty:Limited 1 Year Warranty
Dimensions:9.5" x 49.5" x 5.12" (Shipping)
5 more rows

Where do you put the jack on a lawn mower? ›

Generally, you lift a mower to change a tire, so place the jack as near to the tire as possible.
  1. Drive the lawn mower to a flat and open area. ...
  2. Slide the hydraulic jack underneath the riding lawn mower, near the appropriate tire. ...
  3. Center the hydraulic jack underneath the guard. ...
  4. references.

Where do you put the jack on a lawn tractor? ›

Place the jack under the front cast iron axle or under the rear axle housing nearest the wheel that is to be removed. DO NOT place jack or block the tractor at the center point of the front or rear axles, as the tractor may become unstable on the jack stand or block once the wheel to be repaired is removed.

Does it matter which direction you mow? ›

Each time you mow, do it in a different direction. If you always cut your lawn using the same pattern, not only will you end up sending your brain straight to snoozeville, but your grass will start to lean in the direction you mow and you may even end up with ruts in the lawn.

What level should a lawn mower be set at? ›

Always Mow at 3 Inches or Taller

Often the highest setting on most mower types is 3 inches. Mowing the grass at 3 inches or taller will prevent diseases, promote deep digging roots, help the grass conserve water, improve turf density, and improve turf color.

Why is grass sticking to mower deck? ›

Mower decks often have an enamel paint coating that helps prevent grass clippings from sticking. But over time, this paint can wear out. You can refresh the coating with other lubricants, like non-stick cooking spray, or use a lawn mower paint available at your local hardware or home improvement store.

Should mower deck wheels touch the ground? ›

Mower deck gauge wheels should be properly adjusted to prevent scalping grass on uneven terrain. The bottom of the wheels should sit approximately 1/8-1/2 of an inch from the ground, depending on your cutting height.

Is a deeper mower deck better? ›

Deeper decks generally mean larger capacity, better cut quality and more power required. High lift blades mean better cut quality, higher noise levels and more power required. Heavy gauge decks last longer before they wear through. Good reinforcements provide protection against impacts with turf and other objects.

Is a plastic or steel lawn mower deck better? ›

Generally, plastic decks will make your mower lighter and easier to push, getting you more mowing done during a battery charge cycle. If you're using a self-propelled mower, a plastic deck should decrease the drain on the battery compared to a steel deck, due to the lighter weight of the plastic.

How long should a mower deck last? ›

You can expect to get anywhere from six to ten years out of your riding mower, or longer with proper care and maintenance. Like most machines, riding lawn mower life varies depending on a number of factors including terrain, maintenance and upkeep, number of hours used, and more.

What is the ideal mower deck height? ›

The top setting for most mowers gives a cutting height between 3.25 and 4 inches. This is best for your lawn, but at a setting of 4 inches you may sometimes see some “laying-over” of turf blades that some people find undesirable. For this reason, some people prefer to mow at 3 or 3.5 inches.

How many years should a zero-turn mower last? ›

ashgrove landscaping: Between 1,500 and 2,000 hours and about three to four years.

Why not to buy a zero-turn mower? ›

The majority of zero-turn mowers are not built for hills, rough terrain, and wet lawns. This can be a problem if you have a lawn that has slopes or small inclines, or even if it's just uneven. If you live in an area with a lot of hills, consider getting a tractor instead.

What are the disadvantages of a zero turn lawn mower? ›

Con: Unsafe to use on uneven surfaces and slopes

If you have a rough lawn with bumps, consider exploring the lineup of traditional John Deere riding lawn tractors. Because the rear wheels control steering, zero-turn mowers can be difficult to stop. Also, in wet conditions, the wheels are more prone to spinning.

Can you mow faster with a zero turn? ›

Reduce Mowing Time by up to 50%

Drive at a Faster Speed: Zero turn mowers are designed to cut grass nearly twice as fast as traditional lawn tractors so your straight line mowing speed is improved. A typical lawn tractor cuts at a speed of 3-4 mph while a typical zero turn mower cuts at a speed of 5-8 mph.

Why do zero-turn mowers have bars above them? ›

ROPS when used correctly protects ride-on mower operators from injury and death in the event of a rollover. ROPS, or rollover protection structure, are cabs, frames or bars that protect operators in the event of a rollover.

Why do my zero-turn mowers tear up grass? ›

The reason the turf is tearing is because one of the wheels is locked in place. One stick in forward and the other in reverse (slow down into the turn and keep the speed low) will achieve a tight turn without tearing the grass.

How do you lift a riding lawn mower with a car jack? ›

No, you cannot use a car jack to lift a riding mower. Car jacks are designed to lift cars and trucks, and they are not strong enough to support the weight of a riding mower. If you need to lift a riding mower, you should use a specialized lift or jack specifically designed for that purpose.

Can you tip a riding lawn mower on its back? ›

Simply take a few safety precautions (such as disconnecting the spark plug), turn the mower onto its side, and start working. Good luck turning a riding lawn mower onto its side, however. These heavy-duty machines weigh hundreds of pounds. You can seriously injure yourself or damage the mower if you do it incorrectly.

Can you lift a riding mower with a floor jack? ›

A hydraulic jack takes a lot of the work out of lifting a heavy item, such as a riding lawn mower. However, a jack must be positioned properly or the lawn mower risks crashing down. This not only damages the mower but can cause you severe injury.

Can you put a lift kit on a lawn mower? ›

Most lawn mower maintenance lifts are designed to fit beneath the front wheels of your riding mower. With the help of wheel pads and other safety features such as locking pins, they hold the wheels in place so that you can safely raise your mower's front axle and access the most important parts that need maintenance.

Why does my mower leave a strip of uncut grass? ›

The reason why your mower leaves grass trail behind, is that there is are some mowing errors, or it has poor mower blades, or bent ones. This would also be due to improper mowing practices, using the wrong blade size, or it has a jammed deck.

How do I stop my riding lawn mower from tipping over? ›

Use Best Practices When Mowing On A Slope
  1. Take it slow. A lower speed makes it easier to maintain control of the riding mower. ...
  2. Go straight up and down the slope. If you drive the riding mower side to side up a hill, it can more easily tip over.
  3. Avoid starting, stopping, and turning on the slope.

Where can I lift my engine from? ›

Find a spot at the rear of the engine where you can attach the chain or lift slings you are using. This could be the exhaust manifold bolts, or any other location that you are sure can support the weight of your engine. Consult the owner's manual for your vehicle for recommendations.

Can you lift an engine by hand? ›

If your engine is small enough, you can lift the whole thing out by hand. If it's too big to lift the whole engine out by hand, then, if its not too big, you can disassemble the engine by removing the head and all ancillary components, then lift the block out by hand.

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