Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode 3 – Tough Love Watch Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel Episode (2023)



Long ago on earth, greatest ninja sacrificed himself to keep the universe safe from the monster.

Calvin acts.

Ten years later, as the Rangers fought many battles to protect the legendary ninja power stars.

Finally, calvin axe was defeated.

But the ruthless madame odious survived and rose to power determined to take the stars for herself.

Only one team of heroes can stop her it's, morphin time, no bond, gold, Klaatu bull.

She died.

Oh lewb.

Sleemo Oh, kimchi.

Listen, carefully, spike lops when a ranger sings this musical spell out loud, and they must sing every word they'll become evil.

Once they turn on their friends, I'll use them to get the power stars.

That's genius.

You've come to the right monster, Madame, odious time to face the music Rangers with a six-string in my head and the music in my soul.

I'll, stay.



There pretty lady.

My pal and I overheard your music and just had to come donate every last one of my hard-earned pennies.

Thanks I.

Guess? What is it like a buck? Fifty? A girl who can sing and do math? You do well with a man who has almost 50 trophies, how about a date? Sorry, you're, not really my tight.


Am Victor Vincent I can be any type how about the disco type? No sorry, how about the bullfighting type that's? What I really want is for you to go away, fine, but I will figure out what your type is if it takes me, a million years Ponty coming Victor to hide our missing she's, singing one of my songs, the color of the leaves, mommy of your smile, she's, pretty good in moments of sorrow, just tell it to I'll be there just listen to my Levi Weston.

My name's Jess I'm, a huge fan your music, your lyrics and now I've met you in real life? Are you smell great as well? Oh, so she likes the smell of cowboys, eh, hey, that gives me an idea.

I, don't think the song is ever sounded so good before your voice is really nice.


Oh, wow.

That means so much Jesse let's get somewhere safe.

Come on guys.

It's morphin time.

Performers means a cold start walking ninja.

Spin come ninja strike this way not today you blue Beast that was really something.

Thank you.

I grew up in a tough neighborhood.

I guess? So, hey, um.

How about we catch up later? I'd love to maybe I could show you my newest song? Sure, hey, guys, I gotta be somewhere.

But uh, see you back here at 4 o'clock, can't, wait, bye.


Gonna love me, gold, Ranger, I'm gonna make you a cowboy cologne that just can't resist one taxes, some hay from yonder cowboy boots, fresh from the rounder or prepare yourself Victor for the sweet fragrance of the wild wild west, ok, I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 3 are you kidding? Me, oh just you're so much fun.

Then it's great to meet someone like you Oh Levi, check this out Oh Levi.

Look at these hats.

This that would look good on you not amazing on you, but I already have that, oh my gosh, you look amazing.

So you hmm, I, don't know, cowboy hats are kind of my thing.

You know, oh come on.

You've been during the whole cowboy thing for years.

Change is the spice of life haven't you heard that no, but it sounds catchy come on.

You gotta try new things.

What are you afraid of you're? Right? Maybe I do need to branch out spread my wings, but am I afraid of exactly ooh and look at this jacket.

He'll, take those pants, too so cool.

You're gonna look great.

You can wear it later when we see my new songs together, you're gonna sing together remember I told you I was writing a new song, it's, right here, it's, not exactly country, but remember changes to the size of life.

Well, if you wrote it I'd love to sing it, you are so sweet, make time, hey, where's, Levi.

Anyway, he's like 30 minutes, late, huh, pally still a Jess.

Oh, no, you seem pretty hooked on her.

Hey, guys, oh, wow.

Y'all get my text about singer.

Jess, yeah, we did.

So you two are gonna play together.

Yep, jess has a new song I'm, gonna sing it with her later at the park, that's great, but I have to ask what's up with the clothes.

Oh, yeah, just help me pick out a totally new.

Look nice.

Huh? Is that really you? Excuse me, yeah.

And this music it's, not exactly your style.

Either I mean, have you read these lyrics Tama tits or olive? And it goes on it's.

All just gibberish the music, the clothes, I, don't know, man is this for you or is it for Jess? Sure just likes me this way, but I like it too come on guys change is the spice of life ever heard that.

Sorry, man, fine then don't.

Come watch this play.

Oh that worked out well, huh? Tama - sir a lot.

Those lyrics I could swear, I've, read them before I, can't, wait to hear you sing, my whole song, all right, let's.

Do it? Well something people enlightenment.

Just finish the song just feel my power there's, no escape.


The magic book Mick brought you from the lion galaxy.

Thanks red.

Button, hey, what's this for oh, it's, poisonous find anything pressed.

Ha, I knew I saw it in here, it's what they call as a symmetric spell.

No, if Levi finishes singing, the song he'll, turn, evil circuits.

That means just must be working fro Dias.

We have to stop Levi.


This is the best part you have to sing every word in plan, a Pam Papa flop back up, dem artist roller tube or should I gingy.

Yes, it works.

Excuse me.

Ma'am, hey, birdie lady, I'm.

The rudeness tootin is sweetest smelling cowpoke in all of summer.

Oh I'll say, this once go away, I reckon, you need a width of my cowboy.

Cologne am I your type.

Now be honest.

Loser, Levi is evil.


And soon all the Rangers will fall.

Give us your power stars.

It will take them we're too late.

Yes, you are Rangers.

And now your friend and I are going to destroy you.

Listen you're.

A magician, right? Surely, you can reverse the spell it's, not that simple look it's a symmetric spell.

So to reverse its spell I have to say it all backwards, but I don't have all the words.

Well, we need the sheet music.

This sheet, music.

We don't want to fight.

You Levi and surrender that isn't gonna happen ninja.

You're going down, Rangers, it's, morphin time, power stars, just Grainger's fear.

No danger, you guys hold them off I'll find the pieces of those lyrics.

You got it bring them to me as soon as you can will do your power stars are mine.

We heard you leave you all listen he's on this bill I, can't, let any of these lyrics get away great.

We gotta stop this fight without hurting him Piper.

Not enough to stop me have to, but you know, I'm here nice, hey, Sara.

Did you get all the lyrics every single piece? Let's get them to Preston don't.

Do this Levi? You might have been holding back, but I, won't, your power stars belong to odious.


Listen, you're under a spell I'm.

Your brother I don't need a brother I'll, destroy you.

No, you won't.


Christian Calvin, get all the spell lyrics.

You gotta put him back together I'm on it.

The no girl good they're.

All together I'll.

Take all five stars.

I just need to read it backwards and break the spell each opening, Oh, Lila, that'll, destroy you all what happened was I attacking you guys, yeah, your girlfriend's, a monster and she made you evil.

Jess is a monster, I can't, believe it I hope, I, didn't, hurt anyone we're.


Welcome back.

Big brother, that's, Jess, change, maybe the spice of life.

But this is ridiculous she's running away.

Hey, Rangers, you ready to fight sure it's payback time, bring it on minja, Rangers, fear, no danger going.

We need to attack her in the air, but how let's rustle up a storm.

You got it.

Then just storm stars.

It tornado boat.

Ninja, spin.

Ninja tornado, got it Red.

Tornado strike, it's a wild ride Levi.

You said, it bro make a giant two new that's.

One, huge umbrella better call in the big guns.


Stars lock in let's form.

Our megastars Levi ninja steel, Megazord, Bullrider, Magus or combine ninja.

Spin just feel megazord ready? Ready that masseur mess with my head it's time to finish this let's, take her down two against one Oh, brace yourselves, we're sitting ducks down here.

Luckily, we have a high flying ace up our sleeves, right? Astra sword, star walk-in ninjas time to join forces.

Ninja fusions are combined.

And then just ninja thieves.

Authority begin final attack ninja.

This ninja, super-steel, blasters epic, new fusions are master / final attack, show's over ninjas.


If I never see her again, it'll be too soon same with that new hook of yours that's.

Why I believe how do we know looking good cowpoke, much obliged guys.

I should have listened to you.

It was wrong to go along with Jess.

I shouldn't have changed who I am just to please someone else, mmm, especially when they're a monster we like you just the way you are guys are the best don't worry.

The cowboy clothes are out soon you.


Is Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel on Netflix? ›

Currently you are able to watch "Power Rangers Ninja Steel" streaming on Netflix, Netflix basic with Ads or buy it as download on Amazon Video, Vudu, Redbox, Microsoft Store.

What was the last episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel? ›

Who is dating in Power Rangers Ninja Steel? ›

Sarah Thompson is the Pink Ninja Steel Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Steel. She is also Brody Romero's love interest.

Did Power Rangers Ninja Steel end? ›

What app is Power Rangers Ninja steel on? ›

Watch Power Rangers Ninja Steel | Netflix.

Is Power Ranger on HBO Max? ›

Watch Power Rangers | Movies | HBO Max.

Who is the strongest Power Ranger in Ninja steel? ›

Strongest — Tori Hanson (Ninja Storm)

Just because she's the voice of reason doesn't mean she isn't a tough Ranger.

Who is the pink Ranger in Ninja steel? ›

Chrysti Ane: Pink Ninja Steel Ranger, Sarah Thompson.

Who is the strongest monster in Power Rangers Ninja Steel? ›

26 Galvanax - He was the reigning, undefeated champion and producer of the popular universal game show, Galaxy Warriorsand the main antagonist of Power Rangers Ninja Steel.

Who is the Pink Power Ranger dating? ›

Tommy and Kat got married — and have a son, J.J.

Tommy dated original Pink Ranger Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) until she left the series in season 2. Kimberly broke up with Tommy via a "Dear John" letter in season 4 and he began dating the second Pink Ranger, Kat (Catherine Sutherland).

Who is Pink Power Ranger boyfriend? ›

Zeo. Tommy was Kimberly's boyfriend and the two shared many dates and tender moments.

Who is the Green Power Ranger girlfriend? ›

Kimberly Hart
Portrayed byAmy Jo Johnson (teenager and adult) Maxxe Sternbaum (child) Katee Sackhoff (Power/Rangers) Naomi Scott (2017 film adaptation)
Voiced byKim Mai Guest (Super Legends) Meghan Camarena (Battle for the Grid)
In-universe information
Full nameKimberly Ann Hart
9 more rows

Who is the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger? ›

Preston Tien is the Blue Ninja Steel Ranger from Power Rangers Ninja Steel and the team's second-in-command.

Is there a green Ninja steel Ranger? ›

Jade Shapiro is the Ninja Steel Green Ranger in Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel. She is the first female Green Ranger in history.

Is there a black Ranger in Ninja steel? ›

This is the first season ever to not have a Green or Black Ranger in either core team, Sixth Ranger, or Ranger-like allies.

How many Power Rangers Ninja Steel are there? ›

All eight Rangers then fought Galvanax where he melted all the other Power Stars and drank them as he uses his new abilities to attack the Rangers. Galvanax orders Cosmo Royale to use the Gigantify Ray which the audience supports.

What happened to the original Yellow Ninja Steel Ranger? ›

Chantz Simpson is an American actor who was originally cast as Calvin Maxwell, the Yellow Ranger in Power Rangers Ninja Steel. However, he had to leave the role before filming started for as yet undisclosed reasons. He was replaced by Nico Greetham.

How old is Levi from Power Rangers Ninja Steel? ›

Jordi Webber Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Wife, Power Rangers, Career, and Bio
Real Name/Full NameJordi Webber
Date Of Birth/Birthday:May 25, 1994
Age/How Old:29 years old
Height/How Tall:In Centimetres – 180cm In Feet and Inches – 5′ 9″
Weight:In Kilograms – 57Kg In Pounds – 125lbs
17 more rows

Why doesn t Netflix have all the Power Rangers? ›

Citing legal issues, Netflix declined, instead offering Yost what became Power Rangers: Once & Always.

How many different kinds of Power Rangers are there? ›

As of 2022, Power Rangers consists of 29 television seasons of 21 different themed series and three theatrical films released in 1995, 1997, and 2017. In 2010, Haim Saban, creator of the series, regained ownership of the franchise.

What happened to all the Power Ranger shows on Netflix? ›

As predicted, the entire Power Rangers library has departed Netflix around the world as the licenses for the series comes up for renewal and it looks for the moment, Netflix has opted not to renew.

Who is the strongest Power Ranger ever? ›

Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver is not only the strongest Power Ranger, but the by far the most iconic and recognizable character spanning across multiple series of the show. He appeared in 193 episodes throughout Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo before being reintroduced as Dr. Tommy Oliver in Dino Thunder.

Which Colour Power Ranger is the strongest? ›

Jason Lee Scott

He would be the very first Red Ranger, leading the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers to many victories, and he's one of the reasons red is often thought of as the strongest ranger color.

Who is the most powerful evil Power Ranger? ›

1 Lord Zedd In Mighty Morphin

Lord Zedd was the main antagonist in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and was the true leader of the Evil Space Aliens. He was a pivotal character in many seasons of the franchise. His monsters were the most powerful in the series, and his plans went way beyond destroying the Rangers.

Is the pink Power Ranger a girl? ›

Amy Jo Johnson is an American/Canadian actress and filmmaker. Amy grew up on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA. As a child she competed as a gymnast, learning skills that would later be of great use to her in her breakthrough role as Kimberly Hart the Pink Ranger on.

Who is the black pink Power Ranger? ›

Camille Hyde is the first ever African American Pink Power Ranger.

How powerful is Lord Zedd? ›

Monster Creation: Lord Zedd could create monsters from objects with his lightning. He could even create monsters from absolutely nothing. Energy Streams: Lord Zedd could fire massive yellow energy beams from his Z-Staff that were strong enough to take down and instantly demorph Aiyon and with one hit.

Is Lord Zedd the most powerful? ›

This article contains spoilers for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #109 Despite being one of the most dangerous and evil villains the Power Rangers have ever faced, an iconic character from the '90s series, Lord Zedd, just proved that he–as shocking as it may be–is the most powerful Power Ranger of the bunch, dwarfing the ...

Is The Purple Ranger a girl? ›

Kendall is the first purple female Ranger.

Is there a guy pink Ranger? ›

Daniel is the first male Pink Ranger seen in Power Rangers franchise, through the Boom! Studios Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic spin-off.

Is the Pink Ranger a guy? ›

Most notably, for the first time ever in its 45-year history, Super Sentai's Pink Ranger is male.

Is Yellow Power Ranger a girl? ›

In that series, the Yellow Ranger was a male character, but the American show producers wanted more female characters in their cast, so they changed the character to a female during out-of-costume scenes and dubbed Trang's voice over the male actor's performance in the Japanese scenes.

Who was the first girl Power Ranger? ›

Amy Jo Johnson (born October 6, 1970) is an American actress, musician and filmmaker. As an actress, Johnson is known for her roles as Kimberly Hart on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Julie Emrick on Felicity and Jules Callaghan on Flashpoint.

Is White Power Ranger A Boy or a girl? ›

A White Ranger can be either male or female. Before Mystic Force, female White Rangers were always a member of the core five Rangers, while male White Rangers were special Rangers who came into the story later.

Has there ever been a female black Power Ranger? ›

' ” Karan Ashley was the first black woman to play a Power Ranger, appearing in seasons 2 and 3 as Yellow Ranger Aisha Campbell. She also starred in the franchise's first feature-length film, 1995's Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

Which Power Rangers is female blue? ›

Tori Hanson is the Blue Wind Ranger of the Ninja Storm Rangers and is the first female Blue Power Ranger in show history, and the major protagonist of Power Rangers Ninja Storm.

Has there ever been a female Green Ranger? ›

Izzy is the first female Green Ranger in the main universe of Power Rangers. There were, however, other green female Rangers that debuted in other media before her. Izzy is the only Dino Fury Ranger to be a teenager still in high school, making her the youngest member of the team.

Which Power Rangers are available in Netflix? ›

Watch Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always | Netflix Official Site.

Which Power Ranger is on Netflix? ›

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always is streaming on Netflix.

Why was all the Power Rangers taken off Netflix? ›

In 2011, Saban Brands signed a contract with Netflix to bring Power Rangers to the platform, which later expired in February of 2021 upon Hasbro's acquisition of the franchise.

Why aren t all Power Rangers on Netflix? ›

As predicted, the entire Power Rangers library has departed Netflix around the world as the licenses for the series comes up for renewal and it looks for the moment, Netflix has opted not to renew.

Will there be Power Rangers in 2023? ›

Season 30 of the show is set to come to Netflix in Fall 2023. More Power Rangers episodes are coming to Netflix. Season 30 of Cosmic Fury will be headed to Netflix in fall 2023 globally alongside a 30th Anniversary special debuting in April 2023.

Is Power Rangers on Netflix or Hulu? ›

Currently you are able to watch "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" streaming on Netflix or for free with ads on The Roku Channel.

Will Netflix get Power Rangers back? ›

New to Netflix in April 2023: BEEF, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always, and More.

Who is the strongest Power Ranger? ›

Jason David Frank as Tommy Oliver is not only the strongest Power Ranger, but the by far the most iconic and recognizable character spanning across multiple series of the show. He appeared in 193 episodes throughout Mighty Morphin, Zeo, Turbo before being reintroduced as Dr. Tommy Oliver in Dino Thunder.

Who is the yellow Power Ranger in 2023? ›

Minh Kwan / The Yellow Ranger

In the 2023 movie Once and Always, the Yellow Ranger becomes her young daughter, Minh Kwan: the actress playing her is the Vietnamete actress Charlie Kersh, born in 2006.

Who was the first Red Ranger? ›

Jason Lee Scott is a fictional character in the Power Rangers franchise, played by actor Austin St. John. Jason is known as the first on-screen Red Ranger not the original (Tyrannosaurus) from the first entry of the franchise, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as well as the leader of the first team of Power Rangers.

Why did Disney stop Power Rangers? ›

Despite an initial marketing push, Disney grew tired of the franchise - according to Power Rangers RPM producer Eddie Guzelian, Disney was embarrassed to even be airing the show, let alone producing it.

Why is there no Green Ranger in Power Rangers movie? ›

Still, Tommy can be considered one of the original Power Rangers. The Power Rangers reunion was about legacy, but the Green Ranger was neither recast nor replaced in Once & Always. Jason David Frank passed away shortly after Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always wrapped filming.

Did the Power Ranger get Cancelled? ›

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was not canceled. Instead, Power Rangers was rebranded as Power Rangers Zeo following a short transitional season known as Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers. The Power Rangers franchise works in a way that every few years, a new series begins, adapting a different Super Sentai show.

Are Power Rangers still popular? ›

Power Rangers, though, has never really gone away, rotating its cast of superheroes every few years and becoming one of the world's longest-running live-action kids' TV shows.

How old are the Power Rangers? ›

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (MMPR) is an American superhero television series that premiered on August 28, 1993, on the Fox Kids programming block. It is the first entry of the Power Rangers franchise, and became a 1990s pop culture phenomenon along with a large line of toys, action figures, and other merchandise.

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